Treatment Plan Follow-Up 

6–12-week follow-up appointments are recommended to check-in on your symptoms and adjust your treatment plan as necessary.

Follow-up appointments might include:

    • Interpretation of bloodwork by a Nurse Practitioner (NP)
    • Referrals to specialists, such as cardiologists, respirologists and dermatologists, if required
    • Follow-up diagnostic tests, if required
    • Prescription medication, if required
    • Post-COVID Condition diagnosis, if required

DURATION: 30 Minutes

$109 + TAX

Please Note

This appointment is only for those who have already completed an Initial Consultation. Discover what appointment is right for you.

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This is a virtual clinic and is not intended for urgent or emergency care. Seek emergency medical attention if you experience new onset chest pain especially if it feels like heaviness or pressure, a rapid heart rate, bluish or grey lips, skin, or nail beds, new onset or worsening confusion especially if it’s paired with drowsiness or new headache, moderate to severe abdominal pain, new onset trouble breathing or shallow, rapid breathing.